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What is Taping and Jointing?

Taping and Jointing is a trade designed for bringing plasterboard up to a standard that is ready for professional snag free decoration.

It was originally designed as an alternative to plastering. The basic difference between plastering and Taping and Jointing, is that when plastering an area we would apply tapes to all the joints in the boards. Then we would skim coat the whole surface of the plasterboard with plaster. If taping and jointing the same area, we would still tape all the joints then we would apply 3 coats of jointing compound to the joints only. Once these are dry we sand down the jointing compound to a perfect smooth surface.

Why Tape and Joint?

The advantages of taping and jointing are: -

Speed Fast tapers and jointers are faster than fast plasterers
Cleanliness As we only apply material to the joints, we only use a fraction of the material a plasterer would use. Hence, less material dropped on floors and work areas
Finish From a personal point of view we know that our taping and jointing is better than most plastering
Time Management

Plasterers need a work area to themselves but our tapers and jointers can work in unison with other tradesmen, e.g. carpenters, electricians and decorators. When there is a time constraint, as is very common, all tradesmen can work together towards completion.


What Materials Do We Use?

There are numerous brands of Material on the market and they vary in price dramatically. We use British Gypsum, the most expensive and the best.

Like most things in life when you spend a little bit more on quality products, it saves you money in the long run, by helping us to deliver a high quality product. This makes our customers happy and helps us hit our target REPEAT LONG STANDING CUSTOMERS.

How Do We Keep The Area as Clean as Possible?

We understand that our customers greatest concern is cleanliness in the work environment. We realised this and have taken action, first of all our materials are knocked up and stored in a plastic waterproof sheet.

When sanding down to a completely flat quality finish we use our vacuum sander. This tool is amazing, 95% of dust is removed from the work area. In the old days the dust levels used to get high and frankly people were not happy.

Our customers are always amazed at the difference in the sanding process, compared to how we used to do it.

What Other Specialist Tools do we Use?

Taping and Jointing was originally designed in America and like most things American the technology levels are quite high. Please see the photograph for examples of tools we use. All these tools have various applications and their main aim is to save time and create a quality finish.



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